Although it is defenitly a current fluxing being
at this very moment what intrigues me most is what
took me so long to get to the right question, here
what specification made latour skip it

gladly, the question arose
believe me, right after the spelling
out of the answer

[MEM], as i should be able to move along
is but to latour a shadowy [FIC]
not a word regarding [FIC • MEM]
not a mention of [MEM]
for me the 16th

it would take from the author
a dive he only imagined
a step he only saw
a moving of the finger he only uttered

his character, a lively
easily if only fairly amused young female ethnologist (or grapher, check it)
asking us moderns what
here and here and here
turned crossings so un-geometrical
politics so vicious, religion so unpractical
economy so inflated, technology
so deeply defaced
has never been given a chance
to get really home and away
in her thoughts go away
from tiresome research reports clues and chill
sip from an uncasual wine
regard her own articulate her very singular self away
even if sweetly coverd by a south india white cloth
from the shelves

hence the missing [MEM]
it had a chance
if only she offered us more
faces and gasps than the professional
MEM woud say “productive”, smiling if luck
has been striking, one

flux it does, [MEM]
neglected like a yellow butterfly
by a smiling crocodile under it